PDNRL No. 37 Eli Franco (ed.): Periodization and Historiography of Indian Philosophy. Wien 2013, Hardcover, 396p. EUR 40.-


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    Preface (vii)

    Franco, E. / On the Periodization and Historiography of Indian Philosophy (1)

    Appendix by Shinya Moriyama: Some Periodizations of Indian Philosophy in Japanese Publications (26)

    Motegi, S. / The Early History of Sāṃkhya Thought (35)

    Maas, P. A. / A Concise Historiography of Classical Yoga Philosophy (53)

    Patil, P. / The Historical Rhythms of the Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika Knowledge System (91)

    McCrea, L. / The Transformations of Mīmāṃsā in the Larger Context of Indian Philosophical Discourse (127)

    Lipner, J. / The Perils of Periodization, or How to Finesse History with Reference to Vedānta (145)

    Eltschinger, V. / Buddhist Esoterism and Epistemology: Two Sixth-Century Innovations as Buddhist Responses to Social and Religio-Political Transformations (171)

    Clavel, A. / Śvetāmbaras and Digambaras: A Differentiated Periodization? (275)

    Bansat-Boudon, L. / The Contribution of Nondual Śaivism of Kashmir to the Debate on jīvanmukti: A Thematic Perspective on the Question of Periodization (307)

    Pinchard, A. / The History of Sphoṭa: From Ontology to Epistemology? (327)

    Oetke, C. / Classification and Periodization of Indian Philosophical Traditions: Some Conceptual and Theoretical Aspects (347)

    Bronkhorst, J. / Periodization of Indian Ontologies (357)



    General Index (365)

    Index of Sanskrit Terms (376)

    Index Locorum (382)

    The Authors (387)

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