PDNRL No. 22 R.F. Young and S. Jebanesan: The Bible Trembled. The Hindu-Christian Controversies of Nineteenth-Century Ceylon. Vienna 1995, 204p. EUR 29.-


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    Conventions (9)

    Acknowledgements (11)

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    Bibliography (15)

    I.                    The Cloud-Scattering Wind of Śiva:

    Conceptualizing Reactionary Revivalism (33)

    Perspectives (34)

    Text and Context (35)

    Sources (36)

    Periodizations (39)

    The Lost Christians of Jaffna (42)

    II.                  Daniel Poor’s Telescope:

    The Brahmin Capitulation to Missionary Education (49)

    The Institutionalization of Science in Jaffna (52)

    Purāṇic and Copernican Cosmological Paradigms (56)

    The Eclipse of 1829 (58)

    Astrology and the Death of Jonathon Magee (61)

    A Death Blow to Christianity (65)

    III.                ‘To Strike Great Blows’:

    Missionary Polemics and the Aggravation of Conscience (69)

    The Treasury of Insolence (70)

    The Horns of The Wild Bull Called Christianity (72)

    The Granary of Anger (78)

    IV.                The Abhorrence of Christianity in Madras:

    Regional Movements of Hindu Protest (81)

    The Overcrowded Heaven (83)

    A Large Club to Kill a Small Snake (87)

    The Hindoo General Assembly School (89)

    A Confederacy of Heathens (90)

    Eat Pariah Rice or Go to Moulmein (95)

    The Silver Slippers of Missionaryism (97)

    ‘Hindu’ Madras, ‘Heathen’ Jaffna (99)

    V.                  Singing Jesus out of Jaffna:

    The Beginnings of the Veḷāḷa Reaction (101)

    ‘O Lord Śiva, These Christians Talk a Lot!’ (105)

    The ‘Nāvalar’ Bible (108)

    Cultivators, Tradesmen, and Other Elite Alliances (111)

    The Goblin, the Jackal, and the Land of the Tiger (114)

    The School of Śaiva Splendor (118)

    VI.                Red Cows and Sacred Ashes:

    Ārumuka Nāvalar and the Dravidianization of Moses (127)

    Judeo-Śaivism (128)

    The Ark and the Liṅga (131)

    A Deadly Animosity (136)

    Madras Revisited (139)

    VII.              A Hundred Clamorous Voices:

    The Pluralization of Revivalism (145)

    A Shilling for the Veda (147)

    Caṅkara Paṇṭitar (151)

    C. W. Tāmōtaram Piḷḷai (154)

    Poṉṉambalam Ramanathan (159)

    VIII.            ‘Zeal for Your House’:

    Protestantization and the Later Nāvalar (165)

    The Wilderness in the Peninsula (165)

    Radiant Wisdom (166)

    Goaded to Madness (169)

    The ‘Śaivite Spirit’ (172)

    Alchemy, Rationality, and Verses of Fear (174)

    Churning the Ghee of Love (177)

    Stoning the Liṅga (183)

    Āgamacentric Revivalism (187)

    The Anti-Christ and Other Post-Nāvalar Societies (192)

    General Index (195)

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