PDNRL No. 1 George Chemparathy: An Indian Rational Theology. Introduction to Udayana's Nyāyakusumāñjali. Vienna 1972, 202p. EUR 23.-


  • Contents

    Preface (7)

    List of Abbreviations and Bibliography (10)


    Part One: The Author and the Work

    Chapter One: Udayana (19)

    1.     Place of Birth and Date (19)

    2.     The Works of Udayana (22)

    3.     Estimate of Udayana (25)

    Chapter Two: The Nyāyakusumāñjali (34)

    1.     Genre and Structure (34)

    2.     Characteristics of Composition and Style (39)

    3.     Analysis of the Nyāyakusumāñjali (45)

    Stabaka I (45)

    Stabaka II (50)

    Stabaka III (55)

    Stabaka IV (64)

    Stabaka V (68)


    Part Two: Udayana’s Doctrine of Īśvara

    Chapter One: Proofs for the Existence of Īśvara (77)

    1.     The First Series of Proofs (86)

    2.     The Second Series of Proofs (109)

    3.     Concluding Remarks on the Proofs (134)

    Chapter Two: Īśvara’s Relation to the Universe (138)

    1.     Īśvara’s Relation to the World in General (138)

    2.     Īśvara’s Relation to the World of Living Beings (148)

    Chapter Three: Motives for the Activity of Īśvara (158)

    Chapter Four: Ontological Determination of Īśvara (163)

    1.     The Nature of Īśvara (163)

    2.     The Qualities of Īśvara (164)

    a.  Cognition (jñānam) of Īśvara (165)

    b.  Other specific qualities (viśeṣaguṇaḥ) of Īśvara (175)

    c.  Generic qualities (sāmānyaguṇaḥ) of Īśvara (179)

    Chapter Five: Concluding Remarks (183)



    Editions, Commentaries and Translations of the Nyāyakusumāñjali (187)

    A)  Editions of the Nyāyakusumāñjali with Only the Kārikā Portion and Commentaries on Them (187)

    B)  Editions of the Complete Text (i. e. Kārikās and Prose Explanations) of the Nyāyakusumāñjali and Commentaries on It (188)

    C)  Translations of the Nyāyakusumāñjali (190)

    Some Brief Notes on the Commentaries of the Complete Text of the Nyāyakusumāñjali (190)

     Index (195)

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